Teaching and Learning Conference 2017


We are pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the 2017 UCT Teaching and Learning Conference on 2 August with the theme of “Building Capacity for Change” which will represent the most contemporary experiences, insights and research by UCT staff about changes in teaching and learning.  Abstract submissions for this year’s UCT Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC2017) are now open until 2 June. All UCT staff and students are welcome to attend TLC2017 at a venue to be announced.  

This year’s theme of “Building Capacity for Change” acknowledges ongoing fundamental debates concerning the purposes and nature of universities within a shifting South African Higher Education landscape. Presenters are invited to frame their presentations to highlight the ways in which their work relates to change in approaches to teaching and learning, assessment practices, curriculum, inclusion of student voices, technology integration, or systemic change. TLC2017 promises to be a dynamic and thought provoking experience involving a large, diverse network of lecturers, students, researchers, tutors, managers and support staff. We invite you to submit an abstract or synopsis for presentation in a wide range of formats of different and interactive experiences. Please see the table with presentation formats below.



We recommend this category for:

Please provide: 

Formal academic presentation

20 min. + 10 min.

A presenter who has completed this piece of research and is likely to publish.

An abstract of up to 500 words

Formal academic presentation of work in progress

10 min. + 10 min.

A presenter who has not completed this piece of research but is likely to publish.

An abstract of up to 500 words

Change stories

15 min.

An opportunity to tell the story of how your personal and professional journey brought you to the work that you do now and to speak about the change/s in teaching and learning for which you are working. These stories will become part of a public narrative process.

A story proposal/ outline of up to 500 words


10 min.

A presenter with a gem of an idea, demonstration, or application they just have to share! You want an opportunity to connect with several small groups, quickly in a high energy setting.

A synopsis of up to 500 words


All day

Is your data the kind that must be seen to be believed? Try out a poster presentation that can be shared during the conference.

*Presenter to be available during lunch/teas

An abstract of up to 500 words


90 min.

Does your concept allow people to work in the session with their own material and leave with a new skill or product? Then ask about doing a workshop.

The invitation you want your participants to receive in up to 500 words

  • If you are unsure which category to apply for or whether your idea will work, please contact The team will be very happy to listen and help bring your ideas to life.

  • To submit your abstract or synopsis, click here.

  • If you are interested in learning more about what to expect from TLC2017, please click here.

  • If you would like to register to attend TLC2017 please click here.

We look forward to an inspiring and dynamic conference with presenters sharing familiar ideas in novel ways, or new ideas in familiar ways, or even new ideas in novel ways. Remember to submit your synopsis or abstract by 2 June and be a part of #TLC2017UCT.