Learning tool webinars
We are excited to be piloting a range of new learning tools in 2021: Hypothes.is, Wooclap, Padlet and Gradescope. Join our new learning tools webinar series in February to find out how you can use these tools in your course.
Support and services
CILT offers a range of support services; from resource guides, to individual consultations, to workshops. Choose a suitable support service where we will help you with your course design challenges and advise about the use of Vula.
Find the latest resources to help you create a cohesive, resilient and student-centered course for 2021.
CILT recognised for service excellence during ‘whirlwind’ 2020
UCT's Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching was awarded the 2020 UCT Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Service Excellence at the UCT Annual Awards, hosted on 2 December.
Physically Distanced Learning
Physically Distanced Learning (PDL) combines online teaching and learning with selected forms of face-to-face teaching under physical distancing.
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Physically Distanced Learning

Physically Distanced LearningWelcome to 2021! We are committed to working with UCT staff to support teaching and learning and the particular challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the First Semester of 2021 UCT has adopted Physically Distanced Learning (PDL) - which combines online teaching and learning with selected forms of face-to-face teaching under physical distancing.

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    A key difference between PDL and Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) is that there is a greater variety of teaching modalities including online synchronous and in-person teaching as many students will be back in residences, have limited access to campus facilities and internet connectivity. Despite these options and more time for course design, given the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic, we are promoting resilient course design which encourages online by default and in-person where feasible.


  • Course Design Support for PDL

    CILT offers a range of practical support and learning design services. Our practical support services can help you implement and troubleshoot issues with specific Vula tools. Our learning design services help you think about the design of your course, talk through teaching challenges, and advise about the use of Vula for effective learning. There are a number of options depending on whether you prefer to consult relevant documentation, talk to a helpful colleague or join a group of colleagues grappling with similar issues.

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  • Webinars

    Primarily supports the activities and needs of academic and support staff, and students with teaching or tutoring responsibilities at UCT moving to physically distanced learning.

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  • Remote Teaching

    Guides and resources for Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) are still available but will not be updated. 

    Remote Teaching in 2020.




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We created this video for the UCT Council meeting of 5 December to imagine and inspire a vision for digitally enabled education at UCT.