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Redesigning Blended Courses Project

Redesigning Blended Courses Project

Strategically aligned to UCT’s Vision 2030, the Redesigning Blended Courses Project aims to assist the Teaching and Learning community at UCT to develop learning pathways that effectively integrate on-campus and online modes (Blended Learning).  

Applying the three principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the approach focuses on designing inclusive digitally-enabled education that:

  1. Provide multiple means of Representation: present information and content in different ways  

  2. Provide multiple means for Action and Expression: differentiate the ways that students can express what they know
  3. Provide multiple means of Engagement: stimulate interest and motivation for learning

This approach enables students with diverse learning needs to become expert learners that are able to differentiate ways to express the knowledge they’ve gained, as well as deepen their engagement and interest in the world around them. 

The promotion of inclusive digitally-enabled education through the redesign of blended courses project is a UCT Project supported by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) through University Capacity Development Grants (2021-2023)



Meet our Ed Tech Advisors

Our Education Technology Advisors (EdTech Advisors) are a group of forward-thinking senior postgraduate students. They have been trained by CILT Learning Designers to support teaching staff to create inclusive, accessible and multi-media rich learning materials and activities, based on UDL principles, aimed at enhancing student access and inclusion.

  • Aleya Banwari

    My portfolio is that of an Education Technology Advisor with the Universal Design for Learning Project at CILT. I advocate for social and environmental justice as well as promoting equitable and inclusive educational access in the higher education sector. I have experience in video content production and website development as part of the People’s Health Movement of South Africa.  I am also a passionate entrepreneur with specialisation in digital marketing and consulting.  Currently, I am completing my Master’s degree in Public Health (specialising in Environmental Health) at UCT with my focus being on the impact of air pollution of COVID-19 infections and mortality in the Southern African Development Community region.
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  • Inge Botes

    IngeInge is a passionate Master’s of Social Anthropology candidate with a special focus on pedagogy and linguistics.  Motivated by her interest in language learning, Inge developed skills essential to assist in the creation of inclusive resources and modes of presentation for UCT.
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  • Abduraoaf Sandan

    A Master’s in Education student, Abduraoaf has a working knowledge of designing lessons, assessment creation and establishing learning pathways for open source curriculum development.  He has a keen interest in Learning Design and is highly passionate about creating new learning pathways that create access and inclusivity.
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  • Ayesha Hargey

    Ayesha is currently studying towards her Master’s degree in Conservation Biology and is highly  motivated by the innovations unfolding in the scientific teaching and learning space. Her intuitive nature lends her the ability to be technologically fluent by possessing requisite digital literacies. She is open to leveraging educational technological advances while working on building courses on Vula by creating accessible and inclusive web-based educational activities that foster active student engagement, and a further passion for the continued exploration of environmental and ecological research.
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  • Benedict Khumalo (Leteane)

    BenedictBenedict is a disability researcher and humanitarian, who is currently studying towards an Mphil in Disabilities Studies at UCT.  He has three postgraduate qualifications in Social Development and Social Anthropology from the University of the Western Cape and PGDip in Disability Studies. He has a keen interest in reviewing websites and advising designers/developers about universal access and inclusive participation.






  • Kristin van Tonder

    Kristin is an experienced educator and tutor who is currently pursuing a MEd Curriculum Studies. Kristin is multi-skilled in teaching, academic writing, science education, and learning design.
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  • Yakhuluntu Dubazana

    Currently completing her Master’s in Environmental and Geographical Science, Yakhuluntu actively contributes to innovation in teaching and learning at UCT through various engagements.  As an EdTech Advisor, she hopes to champion inclusive and accessible educational support through this Project, which foregrounds UDL.  She draws upon  her extensive work on a global collaborative project, the Critical Zone: Coastal wetlands in South Africa and China (Shanghai), where she’s learned about the value of intercultural communication.  She hopes to transfer her experience by using accessible language and technologies to support students, while building course sites on Vula.
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  • Philip Dambisya

    Currently completing his Master's in Public Health (specialising in Health Systems), Philip has experience in teaching and curriculum development. As an EdTech advisor, he hopes to create empowered educational spaces for staff and students that serve to bridge the digital divide and discomfort that can come with blended/online teaching; by helping to ensure that Universal Design for Learning guides good academic practice. He draws on learnings and experience in Public Health, Audiology, Health Professional Education, Linguistics and Psychology (to name but a few) for his multidimensional perspective to education. 
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If you would like to the assistance of an edtech advisor, please complete this online request form.

Project Team

Project Lead: Janet Small (Janet.Small@uct.ac.za

UDL Training and Advocacy Coordinator: Thula Vilakati (Thula.Vilakati@uct.ac.za

Project Manager: Tess Cartmill (Tess.Cartmill@uct.ac.za)

CILT: Lauren Butler, Widad Sirkhotte, Thomas King, Nawaal Deane 

IDEA: Judith McKenzie, Chantal Samuels, Amani Karisa, Ike Nkwane 

Disability Services: Denise Oldham

Humanities EDU: Nicole Isaacs, Dian Selman, Jaamia Galant 


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