Nadine Hamman: Senior Project Coordinator & Learning Designer

Janet Small


Nadine is comfortable navigating third spaces by managing complexity and uncertainty. Most of her career was spent in the higher education sector on various sides of the teaching fence: as a lecturer, teaching assistant, student, digital teaching laboratory manager, learning designer and learning strategist. She has managed teams in various educational settings where she was responsible for coaching, mentoring and the line management of staff. Working closely with both internal and external stakeholders, she had led teams in the creation of “learning first” hybrid courses for a doctorate in physical therapy and a fully OMBA where it was her responsibility to ensure that the courses were aligned to university standards and built according to proper online methodology and pedagogically sound principles. She also worked on several corporate projects. Previously, as the Digital Teaching Laboratory Manager at the University of South Africa (Unisa), she was responsible for training and assisting faculty in the use of the innovative JoinIn platform, a video conferencing tool aimed at scaling educational practices in both synchronous and asynchronous fashion. This experience illustrated how the pedagogy of care is woven into the fibre of her being, a trait she carries in both her professional and personal life. Nadine describes herself as an excellence-chaser and lifelong learner too curious to go to bed early. Education is something she holds dear to her heart – even her two German Shepherds had been trained (“Heel, Kara!”)! She currently resides in George with her husband and busy-bee toddler, Emma, embracing working from home as a means of creating more margin and intentionally creating opportunities to connect with others, work and herself in a meaningful way.