Jeff Jawitz


Team: Course and Curriculum Design

Associate Professor Jeff Jawitz is the co-ordinator of the Curriculum and Course Design unit. The broad project that has shaped his work as teacher, educational developer and researcher has been to help build a transformed higher educational system in South Africa and to help overcome the obstacles that undermine efforts to succeed on the part of students and academic staff. 

Jeff joined UCT in 1988 and has seen a shift in his work from being student facing to academic staff facing in his teaching, development work and research. While in the past his interaction with students was his primary source of learning and inspiration, it is now his work with colleagues which provides the inspiration and the rewards.


Jeff believes that one of the biggest challenges in enhancing teaching practice at UCT is to create an institutional culture where research, teaching and educational development are not set in opposition to each other. At the individual level his contribution has been through the courses that he teaches, and the workshops and the programmes that he has helped to develop and run. He seeks to support colleagues in fitting teaching comfortably into their academic identities and in building communities of teaching practice both within and outside of their departments.


Since 2014 Jeff oversees the Curriculum and Course design team within CILT and is supporting the transition of UCT teaching into the online space and the integration of social justice teaching into the curriculum.  


Contact details:
021 650 3351
Room 7.38.6, Floor 7, PD Hahn Building


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