Glenda Cox

Team: Staff Development

Dr Glenda Cox is a senior lecturer at CILT and her portfolio includes Curriculum projects, Teaching with Technology innovation grants, Open Education Resources and Staff development. She has recently completed her PhD in Education and her research focused on using the theoretical approach of Social Realism to explain why academic staff choose to contribute or not to contribute their teaching resources as open educational resources. She believes supporting and showcasing UCT staff who are excellent teachers, both in traditional face-to-face classrooms and the online world, is of great importance. She is passionate about the role of Open Education in the changing world of Higher Education. 


Contact details
021 650 5024
Room 7.50, Floor 7, PD Hahn Building



Accredited peer reviewed journals

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Non-accredited peer reviewed journals

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Book Chapters

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Conference Proceedings-peer reviewed papers

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Long Abstract

Cox, Czerniewicz, L and Carr, T. 2006. Multifaceted staff development approach to integrating technology into University courses. E-learning Africa, Addis Ababa (long abstract and presentation)


Papers presented at conferences

Multimedia Education Group Colloquium: 3 papers presented (2002)

Glenda Cox, Martin Hall, Maria Loopuyt and Tony Carr 'Analysing student interaction and collaboration on-line using communicative action theory and exchange structure analysis'

Tony Carr, Glenda Cox, Andrea Eden, Maria Loopuyt 'An analysis of face to face and online learning conversations in three mixed mode courses

Glenda Cox, Maria Loopuyt, Tony Carr, David Horwitz and Andrea Eden Online Learning Environment: Case Study

Cox, G. 2007. Staff development and the use of Sakai: Humanities department case study. Sakai conference. Newport Beach, CA.
Hardin, J., Hodgkinson-Williams, C and Cox, G. 2011. Reviews of Current International OCW Surveys. Open CourseWare Consortium Conference. Cambridge Massachusetts, 4-6 May 2011.OCWC Global conference, Boston, Massachuchetts

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