Design Studio

What is Design Studio?

What is Design Studio?

Design Studio is an online course created to assist teaching staff at UCT who are designing or redesigning their courses for blended and online contexts. The move to online or blended teaching can be a daunting process, this course provides a guided structure to tackling your own course redesign. In preparing for Physically Distanced Learning in 2021, we need to create resilient design that actively engages students, is sensitive to local constraints and minimises additional work for staff when adjustments are necessary.

The Design Studio covers core topics related to blended and online course design and runs over three weeks requiring about 20 hours of work - much of that time being spent on producing elements for your course. The course objectives are to produce a well-structured, high-level plan for your course, with details fleshed out for the first weeks and a Vula course site ready to continue developing. 

For each topic, there is content provided, with activities and templates for you to start applying. It includes an introduction to the ABC design method; discusses tools and approaches to encourage student learning engagement; options for assessments as well as practice in creating digital content.

Participants work in Vula and through institutionally supported tools, which provides experience and opportunity to use various tools and design options. Much of the material and activity is self-paced with live meet-ups and workshops to allow colleagues to interact and share experiences.

How can I join?

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Participant feedback

Created in response to the urgent need to redesign courses for emergency remote teaching because of Covid lockdowns, the Design Studio ran three cohorts between June and August 2020. There was positive feedback from participants:

The CILT Design Studio is a guided and structured course taking one through the process of creating an excellent course map including assessment strategy. I would recommend it for anyone preparing to teach a course in the ERT space.
-- Chris von Klemperer, Mechanical Engineering

It covers anything and everything in a structured way, but has really opened my mind to so much more than I thought to teaching.
-- Nadia Ahmed