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Digital Media Services Rate Card

2019/2020 Rate Card for the Digital Media Unit's Services

1 Recording in the One Button Studio Per HOUR Per DAY

Includes: camera, lights, audio lapel mic and provision for powerpoint slide/laptop plug-in

Excludes: Video Producer services, recording with a teleprompter and Video Producer (Video producer controls teleprompter and/or greenscreen

R200  R1600
2 Formal Recording services    
2A Recording with one camera and Video Producer (includes teleprompter) R200  R1600 
2B Recording with 2 cameras and a Video Producer R250  R2000 
2C Recording on the lightboard (includes 2 cameras and Video Producer) R250  R2000 
3 Editing    
3A Video editing on the Opencast platform R250 R1500
3B Additional: Straps, text, branding elements (R400 per video)    
3C Graphics - hourly rate depended on amount and complexity R250  
3D Video editing with green screen (on Adobe Premiere, not interactive)* R375 R3000
3E Video editing with text, graphics R250 R2000
3F Formal editing lightboard R250 R2000
4 Graphic Design work    
4A Conceptualisation and design R250  
4B Design work R150  

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation of bookings for filming will be charged at half a day of recording.