International Seminar/Course Design in Higher Education

29 Mar 2017 - 11:30


Note: There is no specific closing date for joining – this course is for UCT staff participants only


Are you interested in reaching out to more students, to make your courses more open and flexible? In this international series of seminars/course you will discuss how to design a course with new methods in mind in order to enhance the learning of the new generation of students. These seminars provide the opportunity to meet lecturers and course participants worldwide as it is offered online internationally. No technical skills needed, as the course is about design.



  • Flexibility, Open Courses, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  • Troublesome Knowledge and motivating assessment
  • Pedagogical aspects - teaching and learning
  • Students' ways of using ICTs, Social Media
  • Intercultural aspects and international collaboration
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)

Online learning is increasingly becoming an important conduit through which students interact and develop the necessary values, skills and knowledge in a modern educational setting. Providing effective online learning is not just a matter of translating printed resources into digitalized resources. It is an art form requiring the selection and application of appropriate pedagogies that can match a dynamic context. With online courses drawing participants from different cultural backgrounds, you’ll be asked to reflect on intercultural considerations in the presentation of content, building of a learner community, and assessment strategies.

Designed with university academic staff in mind, this course is the result of a joint collaboration between four universities. Each module is available for a specific period (see course outline below). The module consists of:

  • readings (available on the course website);
  • a webinar (dates for each module below);
  • regular online interactions with other participants, e.g. blogs; forums; other
  • self-paced online engagement

There is no formal assessment for this course for UCT participants.


Learning objectives

  • think about course design in higher education, applying open, flexible, online methods
  • relate learning in higher education to cultural aspects of international cooperation and globalisation
  • get acquainted with trends and future expectations in higher education
  • adapt teaching and assessment methods in order to promote students’ motivation and deep learning
  • think about the impact of teaching philosophy on course design


Course Outline

28 March 2017 Online Module 1: Pedagogical principles of online learning
28 March 2017 Real-time online webinar Module 1 (1 hour) – 09h00 Cape Town time
10 April – 21 April 2017: Online Module 2: Open flexible education
10 April 2017: Real-time online webinar Module 2 (1 hour) – 09h00 Cape Town time
24 April – 5 May 2017: Online Module 3: Social media in higher education
27 April 2017: Real-time online webinar Module 3 (1 hour) – 09h00 Cape Town time
8 May – 19 May 2017: Online Module 4: Using online assessment to facilitate learning
9 May 2017: Real-time online webinar Module 4 (1 hour) – 09h00 Cape Town time
22 May – 2 June 2017: Online Module 5: Future Learn in higher education
24 May 2017: Real-time online webinar Module 5 (1 hour) – 09h00 Cape Town time


The course consists of readings, webinars, opportunities for blogging and self-study.

If you are interested in participating or have any further queries, please e-mail: