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Teaching with Technology Grants



CILT offers start up grants funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation to educators to support the use of educational technology in their teaching. UCT staff are able to apply for a grant of up to R30 000.

FINAL ROUND: 1 May 2017 - Please note: this call for proposals is only open to Humanities academics (in line with certain conditions stipulated in the Mellon Foundation grant).

These grants can be used to:

  • buy or adapt specialised software to support student learning
  • buy in specialised expertise to develop online teaching and learning resources
  • pay for training for educators or tutors to develop or use educational technology more effectively

How to apply

Staff interested in applying for a Teaching with Technology grant are encouraged to discuss their application with CILT prior to application of a grant for informal feedback and further advice. Applicants will need to submit a grant proposal -  download the proposal forms.

If you have an idea but are unsure and need assistance in completing the proposal, please contact Glenda Cox.

Grant selection procedure

Grant proposals are reviewed by CILT's grant committee in terms of the following criteria.

Selection criteria

The proposals should:

  • address specific teaching and learning challenges focus on teaching and learning rather than research (i.e. it may be used to build students’ research capacity, rather than to support staff research projects),
  • be appropriate for a residential university context comply with UCT’s Educational Technology policy, and
  • align with UCT’s institutional priorities.

The project should not:

  • simply involve the development of a website or buying of a DVD to engage students,
  • simply involve moving content from one learning environment to another,
  • replicate existing tools or services, or
  • focus on technical aspects, such as computer hardware.

Conditions of the grant

The grant recipient must be prepared to:

  • report on the development of the project report to CILT
  • report on the outcome of the project for which the grant is used to CILT and/or the university community. (These reports may take the form of, for example, a seminar, a demonstration, an academic papers or a project website.)
  • allow CILT to put the final project report on the CILT web site allow CILT to publish the grant proposal on the CILT website