Rethinking ePortfolios using a learning design approach

ePortfolios have been used in Higher Education for more than a decade for course assessments and to support the accreditation of professional degrees. More recently, ePortfolios have been used to prepare students for the workplace and allow them to showcase graduate attributes. This workshop will consider the development opportunities that ePortfolios, as both a pedagogical approach and an educational technology offer, to enable particular student learning experiences. In this workshop Nicola Pallitt will facilitate a learning design approach to ePortfolio integration.

Attend this workshop if you are thinking about:

  •  Whether ePortfolios might offer added value in your course?
  •  Integrating the use of ePortfolios to support course objectives and assessment.
  •  Where pedagogy fits in?
  •  How one might use a learning design approach to think about this process?
  •  What to consider when choosing a tool or platform for students to create an ePortfolio?


Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - 14:00

Green Meeting Room, CILT, Level 7, P D Hahn Building, Upper Campus



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