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Design Studio

What is Design Studio?

Design Studio is an online course created to assist lecturers at UCT who were redesigning their courses for emergency remote teaching. The move to online or blended teaching can be a daunting process. During the first semester of 2020, lecturers had to rapidly shift to emergency remote learning in stressful, pandemic-induced conditions, often with little time to think about their course designs.

In preparing for continued remote teaching in the second half of 2020, we needed to think about ways to translate, transform and transfer our face-to-face courses to a remote or flexible teaching mode that is sensitive to local constraints. To support this shift, we created the online design studio process to take lecturers through essential activities to re-imagine their course for remote teaching.

The Design Studio covers four core design topics which usually run over four weeks:

  • Session 1: Navigating the remote teaching context
  • Session 2: Student engagement and learning
  • Session 3: ABC of storyboarding
  • Session 4: Developing assessment strategies

The course provides an experience of learning on Vula while assisting lecturers to design an online course. Much of the material and activity is self-paced with live meet-ups weekly to allow colleagues to interact and share experiences.

How can I join?

The course is not currently being offered live, but please sign up for the waiting list here.

If you are an organisation or university and would like to get in touch with the course coordinators please contact janet.small@uct.ac.za

Participant feedback

Created in response to the urgent need to redesign courses for emergency remote teaching in the second semester, the Design Studio ran three cohorts between June and August 2020. The course was generally well received.

The CILT Design Studio is a guided and structured course taking one through the process of creating an excellent course map including assessment strategy. I would recommend it for anyone preparing to teach a course in the ERT space.

Chris von Klemperer, Mechanical Engineering

It covers anything and everything in a structured way, but has really opened my mind to so much more than I thought to teaching.

Nadia Ahmed