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Core Concepts in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Description of series

This series is a six week, blended learning introduction to teaching and learning through some of the core concepts in the field of higher education studies. Designed for participants with either limited teaching experience or less formal exposure to education theory, the course takes an experiential and contextually-embedded approach, supporting participants theoretical and practical engagement with a series of questions. 

This series seeks to provide opportunities for individuals teaching or tutoring in academia to develop both their capacity to conduct their daily teaching responsibilities but also a way into the scholarship of teaching and learning. The series is likely to be most beneficial to individuals who are interested in pursuing academic careers with teaching responsibilities. Ideally, you should already have access to a course (formal or informal) as a tutor, teaching assistant or lecturer. This series might also be useful for individuals who have taught for some time but who would like to reconsider their practice in light of shifting contextual demands. 

Outcomes and Evidence of learning

Although each session is a stand alone session, by the end of the series, participants should be able to and be willing to 

  • Reflect on their practices,
  • Adjust these practices to support student learning in a variety of contexts, and
  • Seek and engage with feedback on their teaching practices. 
Structure and completion

There are six sessions in the series:

  • Exploring contexts
  • Mapping Learning Theories
  • Talking Teaching
  • Creating opportunities for engagement and connection
  • Conducting Assessment
  • Evaluating learning designs and courses

We anticipate that you will need, in total, approximately 2 hours per week. 

Participants may successfully complete the series, and receive a certificate, in one of three ways:

  • By partial session participation - The participants has completed at least three out of five weekly tasks (21/35 tasks).
  • By partial session participation and formal outputs - The participants has completed at least three out of five weekly tasks (21/35 tasks), and three or fewer formal outputs.
  • By session participation and all formal outputs - The participant has completed at least four out of five weekly tasks (28/35 tasks), and four or more more formal outputs.
Further information

There are two "runs" of the course this year. 

Run 1: 22 May - 30 June 2017

Run 2: 14 August - 23 September 2017

To join the course, complete this document