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Higher Education Studies (HES)



The Higher Education Studies (HES) suite of courses has as its aim the professionalising of teaching and learning practice in higher education.

Courses are offered to equip academics to improve as educators in a rapidly changing higher education environment. These can be taken as stand-alone courses or can accrue towards a postgraduate qualification. These courses are seen as an important contribution to the professional development of academics who seek the opportunity to critically examine their practice in the context of transition and change.


This CILT programme offered through the School of Education, consists of four modules covering:


For more information on the HES PGDip programme and the suite of courses offered please contact: 

Associate Professor Jeff Jawitz

For more information on full thesis Masters and Doctoral research please contact: 

Associate Professor Suellen Shay



How to Apply
Application process for the HES programme/courses.

Step 1:

UCT has introduced well-coordinated procedures for assessing applications as efficiently as possible, to meet strong demand for places in the University's six faculties. Applicants are asked to note carefully the procedures and deadlines involved. Please contact the relevant convener to discuss late applications. 

Step 2:

Click here for UCT admission application form. You may complete the form on-line or print out hard copy and submit to UCT’s Admissions Office on Middle Campus. You will need the following important information when completing your application form:

Section B: Programme of study for which you are applying

  • If you are applying as an occasional student (for non-degree purposes) the programme code is HZ002 and the plan code is HZ002-DOH01.
  • If you are applying for the PGDip the programme code is HG023 and the plan code is HG023-EDN03.
  • If you are applying for the Masters the programme code is HM042 and the plan code is HM042-EDN03
  • If you are applying for the Phd the programme code is HD001 and the plan code is HD001-EDN01

Step 3:

Once you have completed UCT's application form, we would like you to please provide us with some additional information. Click here to download the HES Applicant Information form which you need to complete and submit to Jeff Jawitz: jeff.jawitz@uct.ac.za for PGdip and Suellen Shay: suellen.shay@uct.ac.za for Masters and Phd.