Home > Events > Workshops and Webinars > 13 April 2021
Home > Events > Workshops and Webinars > 13 April 2021

Integrating digital literacies into the curriculum to enhance student digital learning experience

This webinar will help you think through the potential of integrating digital literacies into the curriculum. Starting with a discussion on the conceptualisation of digital literacy as a social practice and what this means for learning and assessment activity (LAA) design. Dr Tabisa Mayisela will cover factors that influence (first-year) students’ digital literacy practices and how they acquire these practices and skills when digital literacy development activities are part of course LAAs. She will then demonstrate a systems approach to designing learning and assessment activities with two outcomes: students’ achievement of course learning outcomes and their development of digital literacy. You will also spend time rethinking your own LAA design followed by a discussion. For first-year course lecturers, the assumption is that they have an idea of their students' computer literacy levels.

Date: 13 April 2021 | Time: 10:00

Host: Dr Tabisa Mayisela