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Workshops and Webinars

Primarily supports the activities and needs of academic and support staff, and students with teaching or tutoring responsibilities at UCT moving to physically distanced learning.

Upcoming webinars  

A series of webinars aimed at supporting academic staff to optimise and implement good practice in teaching in the physically distanced mode. The series will include a series of Vula-oriented webinars, rapid course design workshops, support for assessment and also include some external-facing panel chats.

  • Blended learning! ERT! PDL! Hybrid Learning!: What do I need to know about teaching in 2021? (Repeat)

Anxious about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for your teaching in 2021? Confused by all the different terms - "Blended learning! ERT! PDL! Hybrid Learning!" Join us for a discucssion that will help you find your landmarks in the confusion.
In response to the risks and constraints of the ongoing COVID 19 crisis, UCT has opted for a form of teaching that combines online teaching and learning, with limited face-to-face contact, under physically distanced conditions. This webinar is an opportunity to engage with UCT's PDL framework, and to begin to make sense for what this might mean for your specific course.

Date & Time: Jan 26, 2021 11:00 - 12:00 AM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJErcO-gpjsjH9BGHpWMHXAXicPUwBsGY_fV

  • Rapid Design workshop (repeat)

Using a rapid course design method, you will design your course or module in this 2-hour virtual workshop. The workshop will help you to create an active and responsive learning experience for students that is flexible and do-able in the face of continued uncertainty and change. For this workshop you will need stable internet access, a mic and/webcam, and access to a laptop or desktop.

Date & Time: Jan 26, 2021 13:00 - 15:00 PM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUucuGhpz4vEtcfFIUEJLio4umzFHYUoQoD

  • Vula Course Basics training

This webinar is an introduction to the basics of setting up a course Vula site. We will cover selecting and adding tools to your Vula site, adding and managing participants, making announcements, and other common tools used in Vula. Further use of more advanced tools will be covered in other webinar sessions.

Date & Time: Jan 27, 2021 14:00 - 15:00 PM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYpcO-hqDktGtHCjFkQlHER3z9Hs2EZ4y0x

  • Vula lessons: Creating a safe rave for your squirrels!

"Our ducks are not in a row! In fact, they may have morphed into squirrels at a rave!
What can we do to enable a positive and supported learning experience for our student? In the context of physically distanced learning (PDL), students need clear and explicit direction about what comes next. The Vula Lessons tool allows you to gather materials into clearly laid out learning pathways, creating an opportunity to support student learning and foster good learning practices. This session introduces you to the Vula lessons tool and how to integrate various other tools into it to guide students' activities. "

Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIlceurqDIpHd1hrqJVasmTysag-0kcU0aU

Date & Time: Jan 28, 2021

Limited numbers: Sign up!

 Key "How-to" videos 

Remote Teaching webinar series:

Level 1 Webinars

The Level 1 webinars were designed to offer a rapid orientation to teaching and learning in a remote learning context.   

Please note:  these sessions were used from mid-March to mid-April, and while useful in principle, will contain out-dated dates, deadlines and institutional plans.

Level 2 Webinars 

The Level 2 webinars were designed to offer a more detailed introduction to practices and tools for teaching and learning in a remote learning context. Each level 2 webinar is linked to at least one pre-recorded screencast.

Vula Lessons Tool Webinar (Slides)

  • Using the lesson tool to build learning pathways (Video)
  • CILT Guide: Embed & Link Lecture Videos (GDoc)
  • Embed & Link Lecture Videos to Lessons and other Vula Tools (Video)
  • Creating Written and Static Visual Content (GDoc)
  • How to upload and download resources in Vula (Video)

Screencasting and Captioning Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT Guide: Recording videos in Opencast Studio (GDoc)
  • How to request a transcript for a video on Vula ( Video)
  • CILT Guide: Requesting transcripts in Vula (GDoc)
  • CILT How-to guide: Introduction to Screencast-o-matic (Video)

Redesigning Discussion-based Tutorials in the remote teaching space Webinar (Slides)

Facilitating online in Vula: Definitions, concepts and scenarios for remote teaching Webinar (Slides)

Facilitating online in Vula: Vula Tools Webinar (Slides)

Groupwork in Vula Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT How-to guide: Interaction in the Forums in Vula (Video)
  • Supporting collaborative writing in online spaces (GDoc)

Assignments Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT Guide: Assignments Tool (GDoc)

Calculation tutorials Webinar (Slides) 

Tests and Quizzes Webinar (Slides) 

  • Setting up test and quizzes in Vula (Video)
  • Setting up test and quizzes in Vula (PDF)

Introduction to Analytics on Vula (Slides)

  • UCT Course Analytics for Remote Teaching Term 2 (GDoc)

Please note: these sessions were used from mid-March to mid-April, and while useful in principle, will contain out-dated dates, deadlines and institutional plans.