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Turnitin - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for lecturers

As a lecturer, what happens if I find a similarity index close to 100%?

This indicates that a large portion of the work is similar to another submission in the Turnitin repository. There are sometimes cases when a student has submitted similar work to another Vula site (which will result in high similarity index). If there is evidence that this occured accidently and the  source match can be ignored, you could choose to exclude the match.


FAQs for students

As a Masters or PhD student, how do I access Turnitin for my dissertation submission?

  • Please refer to this online guide on how to access your faculty Turnitin Vula site. If you are unable to access the site with your student account on Vula, you can contact help@vula.uct.ac.za
  • To share the results of your Turnitin report with your supervisor, please export a report as a PDF.
  • We would recommend using Turnitin as part of the formative feedback throughout your dissertation writing.
  • Further information for doctoral dissertation submissions can be found through the UCT website.