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Panel Chair: Luckett, K

Plus Tuts in the Humanities: Making the Implicit Explicit


Paxton, M; Firth, V; Kelly, R; Muna, N;  & van der Merwe, M

Mapping the literacies in the Earth and Life Sciences at UCT


Favish, J & Ngcelwane, S

Promoting teaching forms of engaged scholarship

Baghai-Wadji, A

On the Genesis, Formation and Evolution of Thought and Thought Process in Engineering Design


Carstens, R and Pallitt, N

Sketchnotes: Doodling with meaning




Schmid, B

The UCT Knowledge Co-op: Conducting thesis research while learning from a community partner

Case, J

What, really, is the relationship between teaching and learning?



Campbell, A

Project work in mathematics for engineers

Hunma, A

Towards a performative space for critical reading and writing

McMillan, J & Watson, V

A building isn’t just a building any more…’ Educating socially aware and globally conscious engineering and built environment professionals

Lake, L

Understanding Health in Context


Hurst, E

Reading groups in the Humanities Education Development Unit


Abrahams, A

Students experience of integrated learning styles for Anatomy and Physiology in the Health and Rehabilitation intervention programme


Talberg, H & Rustin, L

Using an understanding of students' experiences to inform course design

Levecque, P

Chemical engineering staff

The new Chemical Engineering undergraduate curriculum: a road trip through learning and teaching

Reid, S

Student choice and Graduate Agency

Physics Academic Staff

Active Engagement in Physics: Vignettes of Innovation

Burch, V; Sikakana, C; & Gunston, G

Generic learning skills in academically-at-risk medical students - a development programme bridges the gap


Morreira, S &  Henry, M

Developing a foundation year for the social sciences in an extended degree program


Maasdorp, L

Designing and implementing outreach video training that creates opportunities for creative collaboration and meaningful interaction between UCT and participants outside its existing community.







Mayisela, T

Students’ experiences of using lecture recordings for enhancing learning at the University of Cape Town

Clarke, J

The extent of quality in student law essays

Lorenzo, T; Howell, C

Exploring the relevance of Disability Inclusion to UCT's strategic goals on development challenges and graduate attributes

Panel chair: Cliff, A

Can student assessment be used to facilitate learning?


Frith, V & Lloyd, P

Is there QL lurking in your course? Understanding the quantitative literacy requirements of learning materials.


Barbour, I

Using Laptops in Lectures: A Student Motivation Perspective

Goodman, S & Bagraim, J

Academic dishonesty: understanding the antithesis of effective university learning


Marshall. A

"Wake Up, Paulo Friere"


Corns, J

Exploring the Influencing Factors of Social Media Utilization for Teaching and Learning among Lecturers in South African Higher Education

Lamprecht, A

"The City Project": Using Art Practice in a Theoretical Course


Lewis, M

Afrikaans: One language, many voices


Pallitt, N & Houslay, S

ePortfolio integration in an e-marketing course



Nwanze, I & McKenzie, J

The inclusion of blind and visually impaired students in online support for Disability Studies Programme using Vula and Google Docs

Reyneke, C

The hidden curriculum in the Afrikaans Clinical Language course for Paediatrics

Brundrit,  J; Saptouw, F & Lee Shong, C

Making art: equipping Fine Art students for art and university life

Rink, B

Action-oriented assessment: Tools for learning and social responsiveness

Small, J; Deacon, A.; Walji, S       

MOOCing around with online learning             


Sanya, T

Using Vula Statistics to Uncover Learning Patterns

Greenbaum, L; Gottlieb, T

A model for integrating the teaching of legal writing and reasoning into the Faculty of Law

McKenzie, J

Development of online support for the postgraduate diploma in Disability Studies

Smythe, D; Jefthas, D & Paine, T

Student experiences and perceptions of law school


Collier-Reed, B & Langdon, G

The impact of a backchannel on teaching and learning in a third-year mechanical engineering class

Madiba, M

Translanguaging as a valid (classroom) discursive practice for teaching and learning in multilingual contexts.






Panel Chair: Hodgkinson-Williams, C

Open Educational Resources

Panel Chair: Maasdorp, L

The potential of media education as an intervention to improve the lives of marginalised youth

Murris, K

What Can Be Learnt From An Ethics Course For Student Teachers That Went ‘Wrong’?

Jawitz, J; Perez, T

Learning to Teach at UCT

Prince, R & Frith, V.

Quantitative Literacy of university applicants: diagnostic information from the National Benchmark Test



Oldfield, S

Crossing the City: Pedagogies Beyond the Classroom

Yeats, J

Student engagement in lectures and tutorials: an experiment

Abbas, N; Case, J

A fresh perspective on the new first year chemical engineering curriculum, from student in CHE1004W to lecturer in CHE1005W


Weiss, R

ECG ONLINE: a Teaching and Learning Grant success story

Kew, J

Video-based mother tongue intervention


Kloot, B; Shaw, C & Collier-Reed, B

The Effectiveness of Curriculum Reform in a First-Year Course in Mechanical Engineering              









Panel Chair: Klopper, S

Undergraduate research experiences



Duma, S

Smartphone Mobile App for teaching safe sex to undergraduate students

Herbert, S

Enhancing student understanding and graduate attributes in an undergraduate accounting course through student presentations within tutorials

Burch, V & Graves, R

SOCKS: Launching education innovation on a firm footing

Lubbe, I; West, S; Carpenter, R

Write-to-learn teaching intervention


Special Guest

Shivute, M & Mayisela, T

Evaluating the effectiveness of Digital Literacy integration into the curriculum: A case study at the University of Cape Town

Carstens, R & Pallitt, N

Sketchnotes: Doodling with meaning


Mwagiru, N

Co-shaping Living & Learning Spaces Through Leadership Development

Ophoff, J

Teaching problem-solving through coding – A review of two free online programming platforms                  


Plenary – 16:20 - 17:00

Dean’s Panel

Draw for prizes

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