Research & Resources

Research & Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources

CILT produces Teaching and Learning Resources at UCT. While these are not specifically produced for formal publication, they are often useful to others. These resources focus on offering guidance to teaching staff focused on topics such as Teaching & Learning Strategies; Engagement & Participation; Multimodal Ways of Teaching & Learning; Assessment; Enabling Teaching; Being an Online Scholar or Student; and The Curriculum

Additionally, CILT hosts a number of events to raise the awareness of teaching and learning issues at UCT, to support the development of reflective and responsive teaching practises, and to build and share scholarly knowledge about teaching and learning in a higher education context. You can find a collection of our past events and seminars here.


A scholarly approach to teaching and learning underpins all CILT work, while research is undertaken by more than half of the CILT staff complement, either individually, collaboratively (within and outside of UCT) or as part of a broader research project. In addition, at any given time, a significant number of CILT members are undertaking postgraduate studies, and producing relevant research in that way. We maintain annual summaries of CILT Research outputs

Popular Press

CILT staff also contribute regularly to the popular press.