A scholarly approach to teaching and learning underpins all CILT work, while research is undertaken by more than half of the CILT staff complement, either individually, collaboratively (within and outside of UCT) or as part of a broader research project. In addition, at any given time, a significant number of CILT members are undertaking postgraduate studies, and producing relevant research in that way. 

Research output takes numerous forms, from the more formal to the less formal, from journal articles to blog postings. While the topics of research are wide ranging, they all contribute to broadening understandings of teaching and learning in higher education.

Recent research includes various aspects of open education such as why academics do (or don’t) create OERs, participant engagement in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs); aspects of being an academic including academics’ experiences and identities and the teaching experience of white academics at UCT as well as the role of social justice in higher education

Formal research outputs are listed under research outputs by year. (2015; 2016)

A wider range of outputs is available on each project page
Many individual staff members also include a list of research outputs with their biographies.
CILT staff also contribute regularly to the popular press.
CILT research - and teaching - outputs are also available on OpenUCT.