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Remote Teaching

Academic and support staff at UCT need to prepare for remote teaching. Moving teaching and learning activities online requires preparation from academic staff and tutors.

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Remote teaching - Get started (Staff, Tutors, Demonstrators, Administrators)

Upcoming webinars

Level 1 Webinars

Level 1 takes you through a planning process to identify changes to your existing practice, in response to the challenge of remote teaching. We consider how you might presenting content differently (Monday), engage students in active learning remotely (Tuesday), stay in touch with and organise your students' learning, and achieve your assessment goals. While these four webinars may be undertaken individually, attending the series should prepare you for the task ahead.

Level 2 Webinars

Level 2 webinars are best suited to someone who has attended Level 1, already uses Vula extensively or has taught using another LMS or platform. You may sign-up for Level 1 & 2 concurrently.

  • Using Vula lessons: Designing the remote student experience - This session introduces you to the Vula Lessons tool and how to design for remote student experience.  

Sign-up for 6 April, Monday at 10:00 

  • Translating discussion-based tutorials for remote teaching - This webinar seeks to offer lecturers an opportunity to think through some of the opportunities and challenges of discussion-based tutorials in a remote teaching context.

Sign-up for 6 April, Monday at 14:00 

  • Screencasting and captioning/ transcripts - This session introduces you to making video recordings using Vula’s new tool, Opencast Studio. For remote teaching, all videos including screencasts, should be accompanied by transcripts of the audio. This webinar will show you how to request transcripts for your videos.

Sign-up for 7 April, Tuesday at 10:00 

  • Vula: Tests and quizzes & Assignments -  In this webinar, we will highlight key aspects of the contexts that lecturers should consider when planning formative assessment.

Sign-up for 7 April, Tuesday at 14:00

Sign-up for 9 April, Thursday at 14:00

  • Vula: Facilitating online with Vula Tools: Announcements, Chat Room, Forums, Blogs - This webinar will start with some accessible definitions of online facilitation and some basic theory that can help us to consider how to  support students in their learning journeys online.

Part 1 - 8 April, Wednesday at 10:00 

Part 2 - 9 April, Thursday at 10:00 

Sign up for Part 1 and/or Part 2 here

Remote Teaching - Level 1 Webinars (Annotated slides and Screencasts)


Remote Teaching - Level 2 Webinars (Annotated slides with How-to video links)

Vula Lessons Tool

Screencasting in Vula and Captioning

Vula Tests and quizzes & Assignments

Redesigning Discussion-based Tutorials in the remote teaching space


Key "How-to" videos




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