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Remote Teaching

This page primarily supports the activities and needs of academic and support staff, and students with teaching or tutoring responsibilities at UCT moving to remote teaching. We hope that the resources, activities and connections we have suggested below will support you. 

Remote Teaching Services

Term Three Design Studio - Open for Bookings

With the adjusted academic calendar, Term 3 (3 Aug - 25 September, with 8 weeks of teaching), will also be delivered remotely. Since the exact date for the return to campus based teaching for everyone is not yet confirmed, designing a blended model for the entire semester will allow maximum flexibility. We are inviting you to start working with CILT to modify Semester 2 courses for remote conditions. CILT will be offering a new series of 4 rapid design sessions run over four weeks. Hosted on a Vula site, we will offer practical steps in course design accompanied by optional synchronous workshops:

  • Session 1: Approaches to remote teaching 

  • Session 2: Focus on student learning 

  • Session 3: Detailed module design

  • Session 4: Assessment design

We estimate about 3 hours per week working through each of the sessions in relation to your course to create your own design and to participate in the accompanying virtual workshop. 

Please sign up here for the course design process to choose your start date. 

Current Webinars

  • Vula Assignments

Assessment in the remote teaching context poses a range of challenges which require innovative responses. In this webinar, we will highlight key aspects of the contexts that lecturers should consider when planning formative assessment. Vula offers vital assessment tools, such as Assignments (including Turnitin functionality). In this webinar, participants will be introduced to a key Vula assessment tool: Assignments, and look at how to draw these into Lessons tools to structure student learning

Date and Time: Jul 7, 2020 12:00 PM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0udeqvrj4sH9ctWcQvLQ7nv7ni2VZXHN1s

  • Introduction to Vula Lessons Tool

This session introduces you to the Vula Lessons tool and how to design for student learning pathways in a remote context. We will discuss how the lessons tool differs from resources. We will also offer you a lessons template you can use for your own course.

Date and Time: Jul 8, 2020 10:00 PM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJctdOmoqjIvHdZM3UKYsz7T0grdcRuxh_dJ

  • Online Facilitation using Vula Tools

Effective online facilitation is crucial to the success of remote teaching and learning. Drawing on Part one of this workshop we introduce some key tools from Vula that can be used as part of online facilitation activities.

Date and Time: Jul 8, 2020 12:00 PM

Sign up: https://uct-za.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kcOutqDovGNJV--MGBnD_cfIZCpMxnPQv


Remote teaching - Key documents and Guides

Start here

  • Read the Remote Teaching Guide (4 pages)
  • Read the Low Tech Remote Teaching Principles, Do’s and Don'ts, and Checklist (including minimum standards (GDoc)

Pedagogic and Engagement Strategies

  • Guidelines for course convenors working with tutors during emergency remote teaching (GDoc)
  • Strategies for emergency remote teaching - small postgraduate courses and small group engagements (GDoc)

Getting to grips with Vula

  • Work with the CILT Guide: Vula - Creating a remote student experience (GDoc)


  • Redesigning your assessments for remote teaching (GDoc)
  • Feedback on Written Assignments in a remote context (GDoc)
  • Timed Vula Tests and Quizzes for remote teaching (GDoc)
  • View all Remote teaching Resources: Index of Guides and Resources (GDoc)

For students 

Remote Teaching - Connect

Remote Teaching - Level 1 Webinars (Annotated slides and Screencasts)

The Level 1 webinars were designed to offer a rapid orientation to teaching and learning in a remote learning context.   

Please note:  these sessions were used from mid-March to mid-April, and while useful in principle, will contain out-dated dates, deadlines and institutional plans.

Remote Teaching - Level 2 Webinars 

The Level 2 webinars were designed to offer a more detailed introdution to practices and tools for teaching and learning in a remote learning context. Each level 2 webinar is linked to at least one pre-recorded screencast.

Upcoming Webinars:

Grading and Monitoring Engagement in the Forums Tool - The forums tool in Vula can be combined with Gradebook and its own analytics to monitor student engagement. This combination of tools can support practices to encourage and remain in touch with student engagement across a range of class sizes and in a variety of discussion contexts

Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020, 14:00

Sign up Here

Vula Lessons Tool Webinar (Slides)

  • Using the lesson tool to build learning pathways (Video)
  • CILT Guide: Embed & Link Lecture Videos (GDoc)
  • Embed & Link Lecture Videos to Lessons and other Vula Tools (Video)
  • Creating Written and Static Visual Content (GDoc)
  • How to upload and download resources in Vula (Video)

Screencasting and Captioning Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT Guide: Recording videos in Opencast Studio (GDoc)
  • How to request a transcript for a video on Vula ( Video)
  • CILT Guide: Requesting transcripts in Vula (GDoc)
  • CILT How-to guide: Introduction to Screencast-o-matic (Video)

Redesigning Discussion-based Tutorials in the remote teaching space Webinar (Slides)

Facilitating online in Vula: Definitions, concepts and scenarios for remote teaching Webinar (Slides)

Facilitating online in Vula: Vula Tools Webinar (Slides)

Groupwork in Vula Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT How-to guide: Interaction in the Forums in Vula (Video)
  • Supporting collaborative writing in online spaces (GDoc)

Assignments Webinar (Slides)

  • CILT Guide: Assignments Tool (GDoc)

Calculation tutorials Webinar (Slides) 

Tests and Quizzes Webinar (Slides) 

  • Setting up test and quizzes in Vula (Video)
  • Setting up test and quizzes in Vula (PDF)

Introduction to Analytics on Vula (Slides)

  • UCT Course Analytics for Remote Teaching Term 2 (GDoc)

Please note: these sessions were used from mid-March to mid-April, and while useful in principle, will contain out-dated dates, deadlines and institutional plans. 

Key "How-to" videos







Please contact

Email CILT (help@vula.uct.ac.za) for assistance.