What's new in Vula

27 Sep 2018 - 16:30

We are pleased to announce that Vula has recently been upgraded to Sakai 12.

This semester, the Vula Team has introduced a number of enhancements in the recent upgrade, and the design has a new look and feel. Here are some of the changes:

  • Site Auto-favouriting: 
    Auto-favouriting of sites can now be turned on or off according to user preference. Vula also adds new sites to your favourites list automatically so that they appear in your tab banner. Display of favourited tabs in the banner is now limited to 15 sites. The rest need to be accessed via the Sites menu in the Organize Favorites section.

  • Chat:
    The Chat tool interface has been revised, with users in chat being made identifiable via their Vula profile icons.

  • Tests & Quizzes:
    It is now possible to make assessments to specific students available outside of the assessment dates and times set for the rest of their classes. This would be relevant to students that need extra time or are granted permission to take tests at times different to their classmates and negates the need to create separate tests for students that have been put into additional site groups for the purpose of taking assessments at alternative times to the rest of their class.

  • Assignments:
    It is now possible for those marking assignments to insert feedback into the text of inline assignment submissions. These comments display in red, rendering them more visible to students. Deleted assignments can now also be restored.

  • Lessons:

    • There is now more support for hosting widgets from other site tools, such as Calendar, Announcements and Forums.

    • It is now possible to link to a Resources folder or specific forum topic.

    • Different Lessons pages can have specific owners. For example, site members in the Tutor role can be given permissions to edit sub-pages. Students can also be granted these permissions.

    • Lecturers can add personalized text in Lessons pages using formatting, e.g. [firstname] or [fullname] to indicate the format in which students' names should appear in their Lessons pages.

    • Lessons sub-pages can now also be displayed in the left-side menu of a site - enabled in Site Setup.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the Vula team at help@vula.uct.ac.za

Responsive design image by Jose Luis Doubuss (CC-BY-SA)