Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for Online Learning

13 Nov 2017 - 10:45


Good morning. It is a great pleasure to be here to introduce the track Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for online Learning.

Thank you to Maxim Jean Louis for the kind invitation and for organising what promises to a wide ranging and stimulating conference.

My acknowledgements to my colleagues at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching for inspiring and instructing me daily about the changing nature of pedagogy.

Two stories about pedagogy

I’d like to share two stories about pedagogy …

In South Africa and many other places round the world, campuses have been rocked by student protests. These have focused on financial pressures under the banner of FeesMustFall and on serious curriculum concerns, amidst calls to decolonise the curriculum. Interestingly, amongst the issues that students are drawing attention to are issues which are firmly pedagogical.

At my university, the University of Cape Town, students from the Health Sciences Faculty were very organised and articulated their demands, reaching agreement with the dean of the faculty. Amongst their demands were some clearly at the heart of teaching and learning and of pedagogy. 

These demands included that all lectures should be recorded (lecture recording should be compulsory), that assessment practices be substantially revised and made more transparent, that a tutoring system be put in place across all years of study. These and other issues were close to their hearts and needs. Certainly they were not uncontentious. Lecture recording for example, elicits different responses from students and from staff. Students expressed this is as a learning and as a mental health issue. For staff, there were issues of being made to feel exposed.

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