Where to for South African higher education?

22 Jun 2016 - 12:15
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Image: Library, Credit: StockSnap, Creative Commons CC0

The latest issue of Critical Studies in Teaching and Learning (CriSTaL) features an insightful book review by Dr Kasturi Behari-Leak of CILT. The book, Discerning critical hope in educational practices “is a thought-provoking and percipient book that draws its relevance from the context of crisis in which it is currently embedded.” According to Dr Behari-Leak the collection of essays unpacks the many layers that constitute ‘critical hope’ and promotes the importance of personal “judgement, selection and choice in our considered actions”.

CriSTaL is a South African peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and essays that describe, theorise and reflect on teaching and learning practice in higher education. The latest issue contains a collection of thought provoking and scholarly articles that are critical and well-researched, and deal with innovative and reflective approaches to teaching and learning.

Also featured is the Dean of CHED, Professor Suellen Shay. Her paper, Curriculum reform in South Africa: more time for what? (co-written with Karin Elizabeth Wolff and Jennifer Clarence-Fincham) takes a critical look at the Council for Higher Education’s (CHE) proposal to extend all degrees and diplomas by one year and an additional 120 credits. The “paper argues that the structure proposed provides the conditions for a different kind of curriculum that enables epistemic access and development,” and suggests a number of theoretical tools and reforms that would translate into curriculum models enabling this.

As a whole the fourth edition of CriSTaL is particularly relevant to the South African higher education environment given the many challenges that South African higher education institutions are currently facing.