It's not goodbye, just farewell for now

30 Jun 2016 - 08:45

A chance encounter with a UCT professor, babysitting and by-the-way editing of  videos; it is seemingly fate that brought Monde Kawana & CILT together. UCT Professor Susan Levine knew that Monde was something special after she had taken what seemed to be a bunch of disjointed shots and turned it into a usable well-edited video. Having been involved with CILT and the MOOC team she knew immediately that she wanted Monde to work on her MOOC and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Since August 2014 Monde has become an integral part of the CILT family with her infectious laugh and bubbly personality, hence, it is with a heavy heart that we say farewell this June. 

When talking about leaving her eyes swell with tears, “I’ve never experienced the warmth of a place like CILT”. She elaborates that when she started she was “just a video editor” but with the faith and motivation of her colleagues, namely her mentor Tinashe, she learned how to film, direct and produce videos. “The people at CILT will always be special to me” she says, because they “believed in me” and “gave me my first big break.” 

She has many fond memories at CILT from the numerous parties to the dress-ups but her fondest memory involves something more than that, teamwork. She recalls how during the 2015 university protests the MOOC team had to band together to meet their deadlines in a very short span of time. “We came together one Saturday and worked through everything just to get that MOOC done. We had a two week setback but we made the deadline”. It was a difficult time but she loved it and the close community she felt part of. 

For Monde “getting the [client’s] reaction at the end is everything,” and this remark encompasses the passion, drive and commitment with which she approaches everything in life, not just her work. 

Though she will be missed we know that she is meant for much greater things. She will be moving to Kalahari Pictures, one of the production companies responsible for the Oscar nominated film District 9. The infamous red carpet we know is not too far out of reach for Monde given her determination and talent.