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Guide for Students

FAQs for students

How soon after the lecture will the recordings be available?

Recordings will usually be available within one working day of the lecture.

Where can I see the recorded lectures?

Look in the "Lectures Videos" tool in the Vula site for the course.

Can I download the recording?

Yes, you can download audio only (MP3), and either the video or presentation materials (MP4). There is also a side-by-side option (MP4) which includes the video alongside the presentation materials. Click on the Download tab when playing the recording.

Will the recording play on my smartphone/tablet?

Yes, the recording should play on most smartphones and tablets.

If I ask a question or make a comment during a lecture, will it be recorded?

Possibly. Depending on the type of microphone used in the venue, voices other than the presenter's may also be recorded. If you have concerns, check with your lecturer in advance about whether the lecture is being recorded. UCT's General Rules and Policies makes provision for the recording of lectures for teaching and learning purposes (p. 7, G16.1).