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Guide for Lecturers

FAQs for lecturers and presenters

How do I schedule a recording?

If there have been previous recordings for your course, all Vula site owners, support staff or lecturers can schedule recordings under Lecture Videos | Manage | Schedule. If you have not yet setup lecture recording for your course, please refer to these steps.

For further please contact the Vula team at or 021 650 5500.

What happens if the class runs longer than the scheduled end time?

Recordings are scheduled to automatically capture for the length of time that has been scheduled. Any part of the lecture that falls outside the time slot will therefore not be recorded.

Can I view the recordings before the students see them?

At present, no. Once the recordings are released from the hold/trim queue they will be published and visible to students.

How will I know if students are viewing the recordings?

There is an option below each video to see the statistics of the current recording.

Can I edit the content of a recording?

Not directly. If you need parts of a recording edited out, please email

What if I don't want a recording made available to students?

Please email as soon as possible if you do not want a lecture published or if you would like a published lecture removed.

Why has my lecture not been published?

Recordings may remain on hold or be removed for the following reasons:

  • If the recording fits outside a timetabled lecture, you will be contacted shortly after a recording with a request to obtain presenter consent.
  • No audio. If a lecturer forgets to turn on their lapel microphone or replace flat batteries, no audio is recorded and the recording will be discarded.
  • If the recording includes third-party material (for example part of a video) where there are copyright concerns.
  • Technical glitches.

The recording series owner will be notified when a recording cannot be published.

How long are videos placed on hold?

Videos will be removed from the hold queue and not published should relevant information (eg. consent) not be provided by the end of the semester.

Who do I contact to find out about lecture recording?

You can email the Vula helpdesk at or phone 021-650-5500.