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Learning tools



UCT’s learning management system, Vula is used for course content, assessment, communication and participation in online learning activities.
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Turnitin is an originality detection service that is integrated with Vula Assignments. It can provide a useful feedback especially if used formatively. For Masters and PhD students, please see the Turnitin process for dissertations.

Lecture videosLecture videos

Lecture videos is integrated with Vula, and allows you to upload any videos to make them easily accessible. Record videos directly through Opencast Studio in Vula, record at the One Button Studio, or use UCT’s automated lecture recording system for campus-based lectures.

Video conferencingVideo conferencing

There are at least two popular options available at UCT, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We'd also recommend consulting our synchronous teaching guide if you will be using video conferencing.


New toolsNew tools

In Semester 1 of 2021, we are excited to be hosting a range of new tools. These include:


Learning Tool Wheel

Digital tools can be valuable for facilitating teaching and learning. The graphic below summarises some tools that are used at the University of Cape Town, including tools available in Vula (inner circle), other UCT supported tools (middle circle) and the new pilot tools pilot for this semester (outer circle).  

In terms of course design when choosing what to use, you can select tools according to these learning types (see the segments in the circle):

  • Acquire
  • Practice
  • Discuss
  • Collaborate
  • Investigate
  • Produce

Click the wheel for links to each tool, or contact help@vula.uct.ac.za