ePortfolios are used for:

  • course assessments;

  • to support the accreditation of professional degrees;

  • reflective learning;

  • to prepare students for the workplace;

  • to showcase graduate attributes

ePortfolios allow students to curate different forms of evidence using a variety of media in an online space. The successful use of ePortfolios requires careful curriculum design to ensure alignment with course objectives and assessment because ‘tacked on technology’ doesn’t work.

Are you teaching a course where students need to compile evidence of their learning? Perhaps to showcase collections of work to stakeholders outside of the University? For more information, consult the resources below or contact Nicola Pallitt. She assists staff members with conceptualising the integration of student ePortfolios in academic programmes and courses. She also supports staff in developing their own teaching and research ePortfolios.



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ePortfolios Integration in an e-Marketing course (Pallitt & Houslay, 20 October 2014). Video recording from the 2014 UCT Teaching and Learning Conference. Slides available here