Wilma Rose Adams

Team: Administrative

Wilma is the Postgraduate Programmes Officer and supports both the Mellon Scholarship and Masters programme in Information Communication Technologies in Education and the Higher Education Studies programme. She works closely with The Cheryl's on scholarship matters and is particularly skilled in events management. With her love for people and information, Wilma completed both a National Diploma and a BTech in Journalism at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She thrives on social interaction and enjoys mingling with people, making a point to visit colleagues in their offices. In her spare time, she is a music enthusiast and listens to a wide variety of music; you will often find her at her desk with headphones moving to the beat of the music playing in her ears. Wilma invites you to break out of the virtual world and come say hello in person! 

Contact details:
021 650 3477
Room 7.42, Floor 7, PD Hahn Building