Lunathi Ngwane

Team: Global Citizenship Programme 

Lunathi is currently completing an internship as an Assistant Lecturer in the Global Citizenship (GC) Program, working on the GC4: “Dialogue and Deliberation for Active Citizenship” short course as well focusing on developing the research objectives of the programme.

While pursuing her economics undergrad at UCT she was most drawn to ideas around how individuals and communities make decisions given limited information and resources. What situations constitute a conflict and how do people move through those situations? When is it best to cooperate? Who benefits from cooperation? If cooperation is the best solution, how do we get everybody to work together?

She is interested in the research and ideas that have been generated to answer questions like these and how this knowledge can be used to develop and nurture communities that are loving, healthy, equitable and just. In all the work that she does, her aim is to contribute to the voices and works that disrupt the ways that this knowledge is produced, valued, disseminated and applied. She is particularly interested in exploring the ways that social media and other technologies provide opportunities for this disruption.

Her intent is to be courageous, confident and playful in her approach to this work.



Contact details
Room 7.38.9, Floor 7, PD Hahn Building