Duncan Smith

Team: Learning Technologies

Duncan join the CILT team in 2017 as an Online Learning Environments Developer. He supports, among others, the Vula and lecture recording platforms in use at UCT. Duncan had previously been employed at The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT), CILT's sister unit at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), where he fulfilled a similar role.

Duncan completed an MSc in Mathematics in 2014. While employed in UWC's Mathematics Department, he lectured support courses in Mathematics and assisted in mainstream Mathematics courses up to the Honours level.

Duncan is deeply interested in technologies that support students, especially adaptive learning. He has begun an adaptive learning project to assist Mathematics and Physics students overcome articulation gaps, where necessary.

In his spare time, Duncan creates silly apps. View them at https://duncan.letmedev.com.

Contact details

Room 7.60, Floor 7, PD Hahn Building, Upper Campus