Teaching & Learning Conference 2015 Deferred

Register here and be a part of #TLC2015UCT
Have a look at the draft programme here



We’d like to remind UCT educators, professional and support staff, and other interested members of the UCT community to register for the deferred UCT Teaching and Learning Conference: Exploring our Landscape of Practice, which will be held in the Leslie Social Sciences Building on Upper Campus on 30 March, from 7:45am to 17:00pm.

Teaching and Learning at UCT involves a large, diverse network of lecturers, students, researchers, tutors, managers and support staff who, together, create and inhabit a complex and varied landscape of practice. TLC2015 offers an invaluable opportunity to engage in rich interactions designed to help UCT educators to understand this complex landscape better, and to consider the scope for change at the institutional, departmental and individual levels.

This year, we’re planning slightly different conference, offering both familiar and less familiar genres of presentation.  In addition to short and long formal presentations, there are workshops and poster presentations. There are also many other ways to engage with inspiring people and challenging ideas.  We are incorporating an interactive, "crowd-sourced" session – a new genre for this conference!  Look out as well for the change story venues where you have a chance to explore the human face of teaching and learning at UCT.

We look forward to an inspiring and energising conference with presenters sharing familiar ideas in novel ways, or new ideas in familiar ways, or even new ideas in novel ways. Register here and be a part of #TLC2015UCT. Have a look at the draft programme here.